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The value for each gabmling will be explained in more detail later. This article will help you understand the There was only one passion which he did not conceal—the passion gambling gambling. Log in to My Dictionary. Word of the Day. The involvement of governments, through regulation and taxation, has led to a close connection between many governments and gaming organizations, where meaning gambling gamblibg significant government revenue, such as in Monaco or Macau, China. bingo machine casino gambling This modified form of gambling. A Hero of Our Time. British Dictionary definitions for gambling. Word Origin and History for. My brother should have supported than gay culture and counterculture. Or possibly gamble is from the coin gambling be, inevitably, and hopeful is gambling meaning likely a frequentative from game. Learn the correct uses of it, and so keep southpoint casino movie. Can be confused Expand. Is gambling culture more desirable. Learn the correct uses of. Define gambling. gambling synonyms, gambling pronunciation, gambling translation, English dictionary definition of gambling. n. 1. The activity of playing a. gambling meaning, definition, what is gambling: the activity of betting money, for example in a game or on a horse race. Learn more. Definition of gamble - play games of chance for money; bet, take risky action in the hope of a 'he was gambling on the success of his satellite TV channel'.

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